Monday, 27 February 2012

Ooops! Forgot to say......

Sorry one and all, I meant to say 'Thank You' to everyone who's visited so far and also those who've left comments.  I apologise for not having posted more for you to see; I intend to rectify this as soon as I can access my crafty stash and get back to doing what I really enjoy - crafting!!!

I hope you'll bear with me and call back again to see what I've been busy with, the plan is for  the decorating to be finished this week then I'll be able to lock myself away and create things!  I really can't wait to get busy with my card, glue and glitter - lol!

Thanks again for stopping by, hope you can call back

Su x

Sunday, 26 February 2012

On the final stretch now!

Well, at long last, we're on the final stretch of our decorating.... I'm just itching to be able to get into my little craft room and start 'playing' again!  My OH keeps trying to tell me that painting is being creative, I agree..... but not when it's doing ceilings and walls - lol!  Carpets due to be laid on Thursday so painting got to be finished by then, then just got to put things back to their rightful places (instead of being 'dumped' in my little 'haven'), with luck will be able to spend next weekend with my papers, glue and glitters - Yipee!!!!!!!!

Take care, thanks for stopping by and hope to see you again.


Oh yes, today I've just spotted our lilies 'sprouting' at the back corner of the garden and the birds appear to beginning to nest - how weird is our weather?

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Layla's Card

Hi there, have been searching for this one for a while but finally managed to track a pic down!  I knew I wouldn't get to see baby Layla for a little while after she was born due to other things going on in my life, I'd crocheted a shawl/blanket and bought a teddy bear (wearing pink fluffy dressing gown and 'Wee Willie Winkie' hat - cute or what?) that caught my eye as her present for her and wanted my card to be something that could also be framed as a picture or used as a nameplate for her room, this is what I came up with....

It's an A4 card folded in half lengthways, covered with a striped paper (from my stash),  the letters were cut on my Silhouette and are three layers deep - holographic base layer, plain deep pink in the middle and various Hot Off The Press prints for the top.  I also came up with words cut in the same font (smaller - obviously!) to emphasise each letter L-oveable A-dorable Y-our L-ittle A-ngel, added a pink dummy and nappy pin tied on with satin edged organza ribbon, couple of pink ' crystal' butterflies and a rose from MCS Flower Expert to finish off.  The new mum and dad loved it - baby Layla just coo-ed and gurgled which hopefully meant she liked it too!

Sorry the picture's a bit dark.....

Stay warm, keep well in this cold weather and thanks for calling by!

Su x

Friday, 17 February 2012

Bored now!!!

Okay this is getting really boring now - decorating that is - not crafting!  I'm desperate to get this bloomin' house painting/carpet laying, sorting out done and dusted  we seem to have been in this state for absolutely ages now and the mess is just moving from room to room - shifting stuff from one place to the other so can lift old carpets and decorate rooms!  The bedroom looked lovely when we finished it - now it's got all the dining room stuff in it - grrrrrr!  I know it's going to be worth it in the end but I can't get to my craft stuff without shifting boxes, furniture and the like so am really suffering from glitter withdrawal symptoms (if you know what I mean - lol!)  Maybe in another week/ten days..........

Wednesday, 15 February 2012


Gotta tell ya.... it's absolutely great to have some comfy seats!  Carpet fitters arrived exactly as promised... love what we chose... it's always a worry when you pick from a metre square sample until you see it fitted on the floor!  Then the sofas arrived (an hour or so after carpet fitted) and apart from me being right as to which went where (again - lol!) they fit perfectly and couldn't have gone with carpet better - so have had a couple of G&T's to celebrate once again having a lounge (have waited ten years to get what I wanted!) couldn't actually be happier.  Now once dining room and hallway are done I will be one REALLY happy bunny!!!

Monday, 13 February 2012

Quick update!

Woo hoo - lounge is decorated and carpet/sofas look to be on track for fitting/delivery tomorrow - luxury - can't wait!  Deck chairs are okay for an afternoon at the beach but let me tell you after two weeks with nothing but them to sit on they lose their appeal - lol!  Still got more to do but at least should have a comfy seat after a day's painting etc.

We have a 'friendly' challenge ongoing at MCS Platinum Club and the current subject is for a 'generic' baby card, some lovely cards have been entered so I thought I'd give it a go.....

As you can see I've used a pastel yellow base card, decoupaged moon with a sleeping baby on a torn mulberry paper 'mat', added glitter and gold wax rub-on for texture (s'posed to look a bit like clouds?!) the edge border has been dry embossed, highlighted with an ink pad and decorated with punched vellum flowers.  Added a peel-off sentiment to finish off.  Bit of a 'traditional' type of card, but I quite like it and hope you do too.

Well, that's all for now I've got an idea to try out with my Silhouette and if it works out it means I can get a bit of a 'heads up' on the set of wedding stationery I'm doing, so will make the end assembly process a lot easier in the long run!

Thanks for looking and hope you can pop by again soon, take care and keep well

Su X

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Baby Keepsake for our new grandson

At last, mum and dad finally confirmed the spelling (just as well I'd never have got this right!) for new grandson's name, so I've managed to get this finished.  Sorry if the pics aren't too good - got nowhere at the mo to get a good background (decorating still ongoing) so you're stuck with my craft desk!

As you can see I've made a carousel, complete with display box.  The original design is a  'Card Carousel' template but I've transferred all the pieces to my Silhouette SD (love this machine!) and have also re-jigged/added extra pieces to the assembly a bit, to neaten the finish as I hate it when you can see all the 'gubbins'.  Double-sided dark blue card used mainly (as it was a bit more sturdy) with pale blue Centura Pearl for contrast details.  Peel-offs and 'waste' (the little dot circles on the canopy!) to decorate.  Oh yes... I also added an extra layer to the horses' saddles for detail.  Silver peel-offs - teddybear and baby bootees, together with baby's name 'Aodhan' (thank goodness for individual letters!) decorate the lid.
The base of the carousel is a box too and can be used for a small gift (as on the original template), but I wanted this to be a baby 'record' book so cut and matted pages to match the carousel/box, then added my own wording (again via my Silhouette SD) so all the initial milestones (ie first smile, first tooth etc) can be recorded.  There are also pages to add photos of baby, mum and dad and big sister and brothers.  All the pages are joined together with ribbon so they fold out concertina/ladder style when the carousel is lifted.  Now all I have to do is keep my fingers crossed mum and dad like it!
Hope it's not too snowy wherever you are, take care


Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Still painting - yeuk!!!

Hi one and all, well the decorating is progressing (bedroom finished) now onto the lounge and currently we don't have a seat to sit on, nor a carpet to lie on!!  Watch out for the snow starting anytime soon - lol!  Thankfully, having an empty room makes the decorating so much easier!

I forgot to post the card I made for one of my best friends' birthday, which was last Sunday so hope you like it!

Used the Glitter Girls' 'Tall Stories' board, with silver embossed foil cardstock for the base layer, then a swirly/cloudy sky style background paper from my stash and an embossed vellum top layer, 'Sky' fairy decoupage from Marianne Designs (been in my stash for a while!), the verse is an old favourite and useful for many 'big' birthdays, the butterflies are acrylic - I layered two together (pink then blue on top) and added pearls to make the body/head (thorax?).  Oh yes, the card stand was designed many years ago by tracing around a plate stand I had and adjusting as necessary for the extra height - I did this long before templates were sold for this purpose!!!

Have fun and keep warm in this cold weather!

Su X